Effects Of Drug Abuse On Bipolar

What is Bipolar Disorder?

The most prominent feature of bipolar disorder is the occurrence of one or more maniac episodes. It is also considered to a chronic condition as patients suffering from one maniac episode tend to have more episodes in the future. It is found that the average is about four episodes in about ten years if no proper treatment is administered. The patterns of mood swings with depression and manic episodes are individualistic and tend to repeat again and again. Researches indicate that the disorder is caused due to genetic influence. This disorder usually starts of in adolescence or early adulthood and if not treated may show its symptoms throughout life.

Bipolar disorder is such a disorder which brings in other problems like drug or alcohol abuse along with it. Patients tend to abuse drug and alcohol in order to get relief through self medication or to stabilize their mood swings and in severe cases as a mode of self-destruction. These problems need to be treated as well along with treatment for bipolar disorder. About 30% to 60% of bipolar disorder or manic depression patients struggle with drug abuse in an attempt to treat this disorder. These traits are found common among people suffering from poor cognitive function, fretfulness, poor interpersonal skills, social isolation, poverty, and lack of structured activities.

Bipolar disorder and substance use

Patients with bipolar disorder are more prone to substance use and given below are some statistics indicating this:

o Patients of this disorder tend to be eleven times more prone to alcohol abuse or drug abuse as compared to the general population

o The most common drug abuse by bipolar patients is through cocaine and amphetamines followed by marijuana.

o Drug abuse is preferred to medicines as patients fear side-effects due to mix up of drugs

o Usage of drug might lead to extreme conditions of psychological effects among patients of this disorder

Drug abuse and bipolar disorder is a serious problem as usage of drugs lead to psychoactive effects on the brain and can aggravate the disorder. Apart from that it also hinders all kinds of treatment for the problem. But it is proven that drug abuse does not cause bipolar disorder. It is found that drug abuse is more common among adolescent and it is found that by the time it is assessed, the patient has two problems – drug abuse as well as bipolar disorder which needs to be treated separately. Patients need to first undergo detoxification for drug abuse for more than thirty days. The treatment for bipolar patient will not be effective if the body is not completely cleansed of any kind of drug abuse. Also it is seen that once the bipolar disorder is under control, the desire for drug abuse also reduced considerable.

Families of patients with these problems can also help considerably:

o being aware of the extent of drug abuse done by the patient

o by being vigilant of any signs of drug abuse or alcohol

o rehabilitation of the patient for both bipolar disorder as well as drug abuse

o educating the patient about problems of drug abuse

o taking active participation in treatment for drug abuse and bipolar disorder

o by encouraging research in this field

The True Use of

truly are very useful when it comes to determining how big an effect the use of narcotics or scheduled medications are having on our modern day society but are they a true reflection of the epidemic which is spiraling out of control in our modern day society.

Do these drug addiction statistics actually represent to true proportion which they should as to the effect which drug addiction and abuse is having on the world’s population? I think not and the reason why I say this is that to accurately measure the number of people abusing drugs, we need not only to look at the abuse of street drugs, but scheduled medications as well.

There are far to many variables which are unaccounted for when it comes to gathering and it is for this reason that I would like to propose that when we look at these statistics, we are in reality only seeing the tip of the iceberg and not the true reality of the problem.

Yes, there will be those who say that things can be worked out according to averages, but in the case of , I personally believe that this is definitely not the case. We need to realize that every section of our community is being affected by this kind of abuse and there is nothing average about it.

I personally think it is a good thing to try to keep record of , but at the same time believe that if a significant portion of the time, energy, money and effort which is used to acquire these stats was put into actually addressing this epidemic, far more lives would be saved than by simply recording its effects which if we open our eyes we see is spiraling out of control.

I personally have been down the road to addiction and know that to return from the place it leads you to is no easy task. We need to spend a bit more time and energy on focusing on the cause of this problem and perhaps a little less time simply collecting the information pertaining to the effect which it is having on society as a whole.

Somewhere something has gone terribly wrong and it is our responsibility to prevent it from getting worse and worse. We need to begin to take action against this epidemic which is robbing so many families the world over of their loved ones and quality of life. In my eyes, this is far more important than simply keeping records of the effects which drug abuse is having on the earth’s population.

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